Your ski sanctuary: staying pandemic-safe in a private vacation rental.

2020 may have pressed the pause button on many things, but, with a little strategic decision-making, your ski vacation doesn’t have to be one of them. If you find a way to skip the crowded day-lodges, lunch lines, and hotels, you’ve cracked the code. The solution: staying in a peaceful vacation rental with just your family—and a kitchen, complete with grocery delivery and chef-prepared meal delivery available.

Step into a squeaky-clean space. It’s all yours. 

Alta Chalets’ property rentals are all standalone mountain homes or spacious condo units. This gives you an excellent level of privacy, comfort, and safety. Having your own secure, clean space means you and your family or friends can relax just as you would at home. You can avoid the crowds of hotel lobbies, breakfast areas, and shared pool/tub areas. Here, it’s just you, your crew, and the views.

“You can go on a vacation where you don’t have to be in a building with anyone outside your household,” says Adrienne Ruderman, co-owner of Alta Chalets. This offers an extraordinary buffer against the kind of risk you’d experience staying in a packed hotel and standing in line for lunch at a lodge.

While our Chalets have always been cleaner than clean, the pandemic has launched a doubled-down commitment with even more zeal. Chalets staff are following every recommendation from both the CDC and the Salt Lake County Health Department. You can read each detail down to the letter here. Protocol for between-guest cleanings include hospital-grade disinfectants, disinfectant sprayers, and professionally laundered linen services. When you check in to your home or condo, it will be virtually spotless and fully germ-free. If you’d like a cleaning during your stay, no problem—it can be arranged, and staff will take care of it (wearing PPE) while you’re out for the day.

Chalets staff will avoid entering any property unless it’s an emergency. Any maintenance, such as tending to the hot tubs, will be done while you’re out. 

Bring lunch and apres-ski in-house. 

Since every Chalets property includes a kitchen, you can go ahead and dine in your own space. As always, Chalets staff are delighted to arrange grocery and alcohol deliveries, and our in-house chefs are available to prepare and drop-off ready-made meals for you and your family or friends to enjoy for any meal of the day, from breakfast to lunch, apres, and dinner. There’s no need to head to the grocery store or visit a resort restaurant unless you want to. It can all come to you, securely … and deliciously.

Many of our properties include amenities like private hot tubs, movie rooms, game rooms, and fireplaces with cozy gathering areas. This brings all the fun of apres-ski and evening hangouts in house. Return to childhood with a rousing round of card games, board games, or billiards. Or relax quietly among adults with chef-recommended and delivered wines and cheeses by the fire. 

It adds up to a ski vacation with far less hassle and hustle than you’d typically have … which is a gift in itself. 

The little details add up. 

To stay pandemic-safe for both Chalets staff and guests alike, the team has strategically tended to every detail. Check-ins are now touchless and taken care of digitally. You can talk to a Chalets team member for help with literally anything via text or phone. The team is always a quick message away from helping you arrange any element of your stay or solve any problem. But by doing it via text or phone (unless absolutely necessary), they preserve everyone’s safety. 

The Chalets team has also adopted a cancellation policy that’s more lenient and flexible than usual. Understanding that, this year, plans do occasionally have to change, the cancellation policy has been greatly simplified, and guests can cancel or reschedule up to just a few days before their trip, with just a small fee applied. 

Getting here: how to fly safe. 

With a stay so safe, you may be wondering how to travel to Alta in a manner that’s equally safe. You may choose to road-trip if you’re within striking distance. However, if flying is most convenient, you may be surprised to learn it’s much safer than one would expect. 

Airlines have taken such an incredible abundance of precautions during the pandemic that they’re incredibly low-risk for COVID-19 transmission. A recent study by Harvard found that, thanks to universal use of face masks, diligent cleaning, advanced ventilation and air filtration systems, flying is actually lower-risk than going to the grocery store.

In fact, as of this publishing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hasn’t confirmed a single instance of COVID-19 transmission on a U.S. airplane.You can read the study here—and breathe easier.

Come, stay, and play. 

Ready to come enjoy 2,614 acres of socially distanced, sunny powder skiing? We expected as much. Come do it in safety and enjoy the best ski vacation of your life (till you come again next year). Book now online or call to discuss reservation options.