Purchasing lift tickets has become somewhat of a moving target due to fluctuating pricing and the variety of lift ticket options. Many resorts have moved to a system that prices tickets in a manner similar to airline and hotel pricing – the higher demand, the higher the ticket price and vice versa. The best deals on ticket prices are when you purchase in advance. The following are some guidelines that will help you to navigate the different options so that you can select the tickets that will best meet your needs and budget.

Where do you want to ski/snowboard? A few things to keep in mind when you review the lift ticket options:

If you are a snowboarder, you will not be able to board at Alta so Snowbird is your resort.
If you are a skier, you will need to decide if you want a pass for Snowbird or Alta, a few days at each mountain or the premium Snowbird/Alta pass that allows you to ski back and forth between the resorts.
Most lift tickets can be upgraded to the combined Snowbird/Alta pass. This means if, for example, you purchase a 5 day Alta pass, you can pay to upgrade your pass only on the days you choose to ski over to Snowbird.
If you are a beginner skier, you may not need access to the entire mountain and less expensive lift options may be available. These “beginner area passes” must be purchased through the ski areas. No matter what option you select you will have a wonderful time!

Lift Ticket Purchase Options

Buying online from Alta.com or Snowbird.com

The ski areas want to insure your business so, if you commit to them well in advance of your stay, you will get the best deals. Both Alta and Snowbird utilize Lifttopia for their online ticket portal. You need to be aware that you are purchasing from Liftopia and not directly from the ski areas. So, if you have a change in plans, are injured while on vacation or need a refund for any reason, you will be dealing with Liftopia and not the ski area. In addition, you will need to know which day(s) you would like to ski as ticket prices are date specific.

Ski City Super Pass
This is a great pass option with a fixed price and lots of flexibility! The Super Pass is an easy-to-use card that can be loaded with 1-10 days of skiing valid at Alta, Snowbird or Solitude/Brighton. The beauty of this pass is there are no blackout dates, you do not need to decide in advance which resort you want to ski, and you do not need to commit to specified days. Once activated, you have 14 days to use your pass. The Super Pass is valid for skiing at only one resort per day but can be upgraded to the combined Alta/Snowbird ticket. An added perk is that you get up to a 20% discount at many of the area ski shops and free access to the UTA Ski Bus. Most important of all, you can purchase this pass directly from our office. Click on the link for more details. https://www.altachalets.com/alta-snowbird-info/ski-city-super-pass

Mountain Collective Pass – https://mountaincollective.com/
The mountain collective pass is a ski pass good for 14 different ski areas in the US, Canada and New Zealand. The pass gives you 28 days of skiing – 2 at each of the member resorts with the option of purchasing additional days at a 50% discount. In addition to the “member ski areas” you will also receive 2 days of skiing at their “Global Affiliates” – Chamonix/Mont Blanc (France), Hakuba Valley (Japan) and Valle Nevado (Chile). They limit the number of passes they sell and the price of the pass increases the closer you get to ski season. With this pass you get 2 Alta/Snowbird combined lift tickets. The pass is a great option for people who take more than one ski trip a year and want to try different resorts. Click on the above link for a listing of the resorts and more information.

Buying from the ski area ticket office when you arrive

Of course, you still have the option of purchasing your tickets at the ski area ticket office when you arrive. This tends to be the most expensive option, but can also be the most convenient if you do not know what you want in advance.