Many times I will answer a reservation call and a client will tell me they want to stay at Alta and not at Snowbird. Whenever I receive this question, it is an indication to me that the person has probably never visited our area. So, if you are already familiar with Alta and Snowbird, skip this post otherwise read on for my spiel.

1. Yes, the Alta Ski Area and Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort are two different resorts but, they are connected in many ways.

2. Both areas are located at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon – Alta’s base is about a mile up the road from Snowbird.

3. Aside from the property owned by the Snowbird Corp. everything else is located within the boundaries of the town of Alta.

4. Snowbird and Alta are connected. There is a combination pass that allows you to ski both areas. Important to remember that you cannot snowboard at Alta.

5. Alta is uphill from Snowbird so…though many of the accommodations are physically closer to Alta’s base they are often ski in to Snowbird because Snowbird is downhill.

6. Because Alta is uphill from many of the accommodations there is a free resort shuttle that brings visitors to Alta’s base area. In many cases you can then ski back to your accommodation or close by.

7. The bottom line is everything is very close together and though things may not technically be ski in/ski out, you are often have better and easier ski/snowboard access then other areas billing ski in/ski out.