As the snow melts and temperatures rise, Snowbird Utah becomes a prime destination for summertime adventures. Visitors will find a wide array of summer activities, including the Alpine Slide, mountain biking, and some of the most incredible hiking Utah has to offer. Get your heart pumping on the Mountain coaster or help the kiddos conquer the mini ropes course and build lasting family memories. Whatever you decide to do, the breathtaking peaks of the Wasatch Range and Little Cottonwood Canyon are the perfect backdrop to these 8 amazing things to do in Snowbird Utah in Summer.

1. Ride the Aerial Tram

things to do in snowbird utah in the summer

If you’re visiting Snowbird in the summer, we highly recommend taking a scenic tram ride to the top of the mountain. Aerial tram cars transport passengers along a 1.6-mile cable, ascending 2,900 vertical feet to the very top of Hidden Peak. The panoramic views can be enjoyed inside the tram or on top of it! That’s right, the Snowbird tram is the only one in the country where passengers can take an open-air ride on the tram’s rooftop balcony! This is truly one of the most fun activities Little Cottonwood Canyon has to offer and the perfect way to get breathtaking photos of Mt. Baldy and Salt Lake.

It’s a 13-minute ride to the top of The Summit, where visitors enjoy refreshments and photo opportunities before heading back down. Visit the Snowbird site for more information about summer scenic tram rides and to purchase tickets.

2. Cruise Down the Alpine Slide

Summer fun in Snowbird is never complete without a trip down the Alpine Slide. The infamous dual-track slide winds down Chickadee Bowl, taking thrill-seekers of all ages through tunnels and across fields of mountain wildflowers. And since each driver controls the speed of their own sled, it’s the perfect summer activity for groups or families to share in the fun. Let gravity take control as you race to the bottom of the mountain, or hit the brakes for a slower ride and take in the scenery. However fast you go, the Alpine Slide is one unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Find more information and purchase tickets here. Kids love the Alpine Slide, but those ages 3-6 must ride with an adult (16+). 

3. Experience the Rush of a Mountain Coaster

The exhilarating Mountain Coaster is a must-try attraction for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Experience thrilling twists, turns, and gravity-defying drops as you zoom through rugged mountain terrain, or go a little slower and take in the panoramic views of the mountain. Similar to the Alpine Slide, the Snowbird Mountain Coaster allows drivers to control the cart’s speed, so everyone can go at their own pace.

Board the coaster outside the Snowbird Center (at the base of the Peruvian Express chairlift). Riders have to be at least 3 years old, and those under 54″ must ride with an adult. Get tickets and more information for the mountain coaster here

4. Scale a Rock Climbing Wall or Mini Ropes Course

An indoor rock climber is in mid-action, reaching out for the next hold on a climbing wall. The wall features a variety of colorful holds and footholds against a grey surface with an orange stripe pattern.

At the base of the Peruvian chairlift, you’ll find the Peruvian Terrace – a true mecca of summer activities for the entire family. There’s a bungee trampoline, a large rock climbing wall for kids and adults, and plenty of activities the kids will love. Check out the mini ropes course – it’s just like the adult ropes course that’s north of the Snowbird Center, but smaller and only a couple of feet from the ground. Children will also love bouncing on the kid’s inflatables and making their way to the top of a climbing tower known as Spider Mountain (complete with an inflatable slide exit).

Learn more about the parent-guided ropes course, the rock climbing wall, and the bungee trampoline to plan your summer activities.

5. Climb a Tree

We don’t mean just any tree. The Mini Tree Climb area in Snowbird takes climbing trees to a whole other level. Large trees have been fitted with hand holds and a self-belay system that makes it easy for kids and adults to climb higher than ever before. The climbing system doesn’t hurt the trees, and professionals are standing by to make sure the safety harness fits correctly. Click here to learn more.

6. Try Summer Tubing

Downhill tubing isn’t just a winter sport, it’s also an exciting summer adventure. Just east of the Chickadee chairlift is a tubing course that will take you on an unforgettable ride halfway down the mountain. The course itself is made from a material that provides just the right amount of slipperiness for an exhilarating journey at the perfect speed.

7. Hike the Mountain Trails

A close-up view of a hiker's feet wearing sturdy hiking boots on a rocky mountain trail. The focus is on the boots and the rough terrain, with small stones and dry grass at the hiker's feet.

Hiking the many trails around Snowbird proves there’s no better way to experience the fresh air and magnificent canyon views. Whether it’s a relaxing walk along Observation Point Trail or an all-day excursion up the Aerial tram to Wildflower Trail, you’ll find hiking trails for every age and skill level. If you’re new to the area, we recommend a guided hike where experienced guides can take you on a short round-trip walk, all-day excursions into the wilderness, and anything in between. Either way, a private guiding experience is a great way to explore unknown territory on a hot summer day. Plan your trip now with guided hiking information and a list of local trails.

8. Pedal to New Heights

Mountain biking is a great way to get out in the fresh air and explore the wilderness during Utah’s summer months. Get the thrill of a downhill ride on the Big Mountain trail or spend the day perfecting your jumps at Snowbird’s lower mountain area. While the lifts and trams do not support mountain bikes, you’ll still find plenty of exciting trails and designated biking areas. Whether you rent a mountain bike or bring your own, mountain bikers of every skill level will love pedaling along some of Utah’s best biking trails.

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