What is a caretaker? Alta receives over 500 inches of snow per year and there are from time to time road closures due to avalanche danger. Due to this unique environment, caretakers are an integral part of the town of Alta.

The jobs of the caretakers are as follows:

  • Shovel snow to allow for access in and out of the house
  • Work with snow removal to insure that driveways are plowed
  • Act as a liaison with Town of Alta when there are road restrictions.

In addition, our caretakers have a number of other responsibilities to help make your trip run smoothly. They check you in and out of the house. Orient you to the property along with how to use hot tubs, WIFI satellite TV etc. They are available if you have any questions including great local restaurants, locals tips on ski runs, equipment etc. Monitor the hot tub on a daily basis. Take care of any problems that may arise. The caretakers have a separate residence in the property which has its own kitchen, living room and bathroom and are very respectful of your privacy.