The Flagstaff and the Baldy Photohaus have a fantastic location, just across the street from the Alta Ski Area. If you are familiar with Alta, these two units are just across the street from the Alta Lodge. So in the morning, you have two options to get to Alta. You can either jump on the Free Alta Resort Shuttle or ski down. The Resort Shuttle stops right by the house and will take you to either the Sunnyside base area for beginners or it will also take you to the Collins Base. If you want to ski, you can just walk across the street, down about 10 Alta Lodge stairs to step into your skis to ski down to the Collins base (or jump on the rope tow to go to the Sunnyside base). To return home at the end of the ski day, you can either ride the Resort Shuttle again or you can jump on the Alta Lodge rope tow to go uphill to get back to the stairs that you started from that morning.

To get to Snowbird to go skiing, you would just take that Alta Resort Shuttle to The View Condominiums stop to ski down the intermediate “Whodunnit” run to Snowbird. At the end of the day, you can return to that same location to hop back on the Resort Shuttle to go back to the Photohaus.