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How Do I Get from the Private Homes to the Resorts?

19 Oct 2018
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How do I get from the Peruvian Acres private homes to Alta and Snowbird?  The Peruvian Acres private homes are located very close to where the Bypass Road rejoins the State Highway 210 (the main road), below the Alta Peruvian Lodge.   The Chalet Day Johns, the Black Bear Chalet and the Fort House are on the upper side of these neighborhoods and the Manley, Creekside, Cabin and the Travis Home are on the lower side of the neighborhood. 

 To get to Alta from these homes, you have a couple of easy options.  You can walk to the Alta Peruvian Lodge and from there ski across the cat track over to the lifts.  You can also jump on the free Alta Resort Shuttle which makes a continuous loop of the Bypass Road during daytime hours.  The shuttle runs continuously during the day. It will typically take just a few minutes to get up to the Collins or Sunnyside base areas at Alta.  After skiing, you can utilize this same shuttle to bring you back to the property or you can ski home from Alta as well by accessing the Wildcat Access area and crossing the snowbridge back to the Peruvian Acres neighborhoods.   You will need to walk across the Bypass Road to get to the Manley, The Cabin, The Creekside or the Travis Home.   Check out our Aerial Overview Video for a visual reference on location. 

 To get to Snowbird from these homes, when you start your ski day, you would walk uphill 2-3 minutes to a UTA Ski Bus Stop across the main highway from the Peruvian Lodge.  This bus service also only operates during daytime hours.  This is also a free shuttle within the Alta/Snowbird area.  To ski home from Snowbird to this home you would need to have an AltaSnowbird dual mountain pass.  You would then follow the above directions to ski home from Alta.        

 Special Notes:

  • As with any of the runs at Alta and Snowbird, access is based on the current conditions. 
  • The Alta Resort Shuttle service and the UTA Ski Bus do not run after 5:00pm.