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Mid-Season Snow Update

15 Feb 2018
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February 15, 2018
Alta and Snowbird are known for champagne powder and an average 500 inches of snow a year. So, what does it mean when we aren't getting our normal snow fall? Well, this year, it has still meant some pretty darn good skiing. I skied on Sunday with 6 inches of new powder and had a great time exploring off the new Supreme lift. We missed the day before when it was snowing hard, but reports were that was an amazing day also. There are definitely some places where the coverage is a bit thin, but despite the less than average snow year, we have been amazed at how great the skiing has been this season. Now that mid-February has rolled around, the unsettled weather has moved in. We have yet to get one of our famous "dumps" but a few inches here and there have made for great conditions. We had 15" in the last 24 hours, with 8" falling since 4am. Another 2"-5" are expected today with 2" more overnight and the next storm coming in on Sunday. And when it's not snowing? We are still having our famous blue bird skies and wonderful temperatures.

Below is a look at the last week or so...

2018-02-12       7.5"
2018-02-11       6.0"
2018-02-06       2.0"
2018-02-05       3.5"
2018-02-04       1.5"