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Property Management

Family-owned and operated, we have been at Alta for over 30 years providing property management services to some of the most exclusive properties in the area.  Alta Chalets offers vacation rental management services to home owners wanting to rent their second home.  As a small company by design, we strive to provide customized and personalized service to all of our homeowners.  

We understand that your vacation property represents a large investment so we are proactive and will take care of it as if it were our own.  We know that not every homeowner has the same requirements when it comes to their property management needs. We will work with you to create an arrangement that best meets your needs.

Please give Adrienne or Dan a call at (801) 424-2426 (or email to to discuss your unique home and how Alta Chalets can help provide what you are looking for.  References and additional information available upon request.